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Having undertaken Social Security disability hearings for more than twenty-six (26) years, we have seen good times and bad times when it comes to how long one needs to wait to get to a hearing.   While the procedure in the State of New Hampshire is more streamlined than that which takes place in Maine and Massachusetts (from the standpoint of remaining a pilot project state where the need to undergo a request for reconsideration process before proceeding with a hearing request has been removed), all three (3) states have lengthy wait periods that remain quite frustrating to Social Security disability claimants who have remained long term disabled and without an income.   Here is an update as to where things stand.

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There are a number of different scenarios in which one will find Administrative Law Judges (ALJ’s) in Social Security disability claims consult with medical experts.  Understanding why such experts may be consulted and how their opinions may impact your case is important and can help relieve some of the stress involved with attending a hearing before an ALJ.  Continue Reading ›

In the first part of our blog series on Vocational Experts and their role in the Administrative Hearing process we explained the legal issues that arise in a Social Security disability claim and the manner in which an Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) will go through their sequential evaluation process and, if appropriate and necessary as part of that, utilize the services of a Vocational Expert (VE) at hearing.  In Part II of this series, we’ll discuss the process by which a VE will prepare for and testify at the actual hearing.  Continue Reading ›

Should it become necessary to proceed to a hearing before an Administrative Law Judge (ALJ), Social Security disability claimants will typically see from their notice of hearing that a Vocational Expert has been called to testify at hearing.  Understanding the role of the Vocational Expert (VE) at hearing goes hand in hand with understanding the hearing process generally and the process that the ALJ will go through in coming to a decision in their case.  Continue Reading ›

The waiting time for those who have requested a hearing before an Administrative Law Judge has only increased over the last few years.  While those in Maine, Massachusetts and New Hampshire, that is, Region 1, were waiting the least amount of time when compared to the rest of the country, and were waiting approximately 1 year from time the request for hearing was submitted until such time as the hearing, the wait time can now be up to close to a year and a half.  Having a lawyer who understands under what circumstances your case might qualify for expedited processing can prove critical.   Continue Reading ›

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